So let’s get at ‘er, shall we?

Who can be uncheered with a sunflower?

Turns out, I’m hardly alone.

I’m not a huge blog reader, but even the handful of subscriptions I can keep up with yield a massive array of interpretations of how we can use positive thinking and action to improve how we move through our world and relate to people.

But what I still don’t see as much of are conversations about how we can project and leave behind a more positive feeling in the people with whom we communicate. 

That communication can take the form of written messages, spoken conversations and beautiful, harmonious visual elements. Oh, and then there’s appreciation for the aural messages that music brings into our spirits, often without our awareness.

And to be clear, the positive feelings I’m talking about are generated in the people we communicate – and within ourselves.

Continuing to opt for a positive tone and how we deliver messages and receive information will help us to create more light around us – even when things seem at their darkest. 

And that letting-in of light helps motivate us to keep going – forward and upward – to get through this thing called life. We are more readily able to absorb and live out a more positive framing of whatever appears in front of us, which benefits us and the people we interact with.

As I warm up into plugging in some settings and systems to make blogging easy to manage – thus keeping me positively motivated – check out some posts from my previous blog on how to keep it positive in your communications (from my last blog, Messages:

Til we reconverge here, I hope your path is peppered with plus signs!


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